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What Power Does the Philippine Passport Hold This 2020?

It's good news for Philippine passport holders. The Philippines has improved in its ranking in the World's Most Powerful Passport. This is based on the 2020 Henley Passport Index. But is this enough?

As we enter 2020, the Philippines has moved one notch higher. But even so, we remain in the lower half of the index that assesses the most travel-friendly passports. 

The Henley Passport Index ranks countries based on the number of destinations it can visit without prior visa. The Philippines is now the 76th most-friendly passport out of 199 countries. Meaning, we can now go visit 67 countries visa-free. We are in the same place as Azarbaijan.

Even so, we are still behind our Southeast Asian neighbors. Singapore ranked second (2nd), Malaysia is 13th, Brunei at 23rd place, Thailand at 65th and Indonesia at 72nd. 

The report is actually based on data provided by  International Air Transport Association (IATA). It also shows Japan still on the top spot for 3 years in a row. They can go to 191 travel destinations hassle-free. In addition, another Asian country, South Korea is in the 3rd place.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan remains in the last spot, they can only visit 26 destinations visa-free.

Check out these places where we can visit visa-free.

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