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Top 5 Apps and Websites to meet Korean friends online

Into SNS? Koreans make use of the term 'SNS' as a shortcut for 'social networking sites.' This term somehow is an alien term in the Philippines as we often use 'social media' to talk about the platform that we use to make friends online and connect with more people. 

Since SNS is all about connecting with people, here are our top picks for apps and websites where you can find Korean friends online whether you are in the Philippines or in the other parts of the world.

1. KakaoTalk

Kakaotalk is the top among the messaging apps used in South Korea. Since 2010, it has grown and developed into a huge scale online free chat, video calls and document sharing paltform. Aside from that, it is famous for its cute characters, the Kakaotalk friends or simply 'Kakao friends' with even pop-up stores all over South Korea. Currently, this app has been popular worldwide thanks to Korean dramas! Once you download the app, you may check on public group chats and join the group that you wish to engage on.

2. Friendly Korea Community

Friendly Korea Community is an online platform that requires everyone to sign up first before they post information about themselves. Currently, you'll be seeing Filipino, Koreans and other nationalities exploring this website. Aside from the chat as one of the features, they also talk about Korean food and even have a dictionary for it!

3. Hellotalk

Hellotalk works almost the same as Kakaotalk but remove the stickers. However, it focuses on the language exchange between Koreans and foreigners so if you are a Pinoy who wishes to learn about Korean language through chats, then this is the best place for you!

4. Make Korean Friend

Also working as an online platform to help Korean language learners through chat exchange, the website Make Korean Friend also has a tutor list where you can choose among their Korean tutors. They also have open boards where you can react on a certain topic and share your thoughts with other learners.

5. Badoo

Taking your SNS experience on a different level is this website called Badoo. Compared to other apps and websites, Badoo caters the 'dating' aspect of online users. Thus, connecting more people like that of Tinder. You can freely choose to talk among the people who signed up and filter them among your preferred qualities.

Are there any apps or websites that you can add up on the list?

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