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4 Delicious Korean Snacks Worth Bringing Back Home

There are so many unique snacks you can try in South Korea and you can only bring home a a handful. Even then, there are too many varieties to choose from.

South Korea is known for their world famous cuisine and street snacks. Thanks to the Hallyu Wave, foreigners are learning more and more about the food the country has to offer. What many foreigners don't know is that the supermarkets offer a slew of snacks and sweets that are uniquely Korean. In fact, many tourists buy in bulk to bring these delicious snacks back home to their friends and family.

Here is a short list of the top 4 Korean supermarket snacks worth bringing back home.

Honey Butter Chips

If you're craving a crispy potato snack, consider buying honey butter chips. It may be a weird combination, but the flavors mesh well together. The honey's sweetness and the butter's saltiness makes for a snack that gets better with each bite!

Image from Aamzon

Yogurt Jelly

Asian countries love their yogurt drinks and it is no surpise that there is this snack. It is a gummy candy that has the same sweet adn tart taste of the yogurt dirnks. They're the perfect on-the go snack to stuff in your bag.

Image from Snackoo

Crispy Seaweed Snack

Nothing is more UMAMI than seaweed. However, these aren't your typical run of the mill seaweed snack. Tis is a crispy brown rice sandwich with dried seaweed in between. It is definitely a healthy alternative to potato chips.

Image from Amazon

Market-O Real Brownies

These homemade styles taste just like the they were baked and fresh out of the oven. There are so many different flavors to choose form and none taste "fake" at the least. Best to eat this a little warm, stick in in the microwave for a sew seconds, and eat with milk!

Image from Amazon

Give you're friend's a taste of South Korea with these delicious treats, or keep them for yourself to snack on too!

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