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K-Beauty 101: What Is The Basic K-Beauty Make Up For Everyday

The Korean Beauty scene rode the Hallyu Wave and Western brands are already taking a cue from the K-Beauty trends. The competitive and trendy make up market always has new innovations and products to present to their loyal customers and beauty junkies alike. So what are the basic K-beauty make up for everyday? 

Korean entertainers always look so flawless in their selfies. But even when you travel to Seoul, you'll find that a lot of the women are always so well-dressed with their make up on point.

The beauty industry is worth billions and the Korean market is always exploring new products. They always find ways, like getting K-Pop idols, to make a trendy product that sells out like hotcakes. In fact, the demand for K-beauty products and brands doesn't decline now that countries outside Korea want to buy products.

Here are the important steps to complete the basic K-Beauty make up for everyday:

1. Clear Glassy Skin

Koreans are always very careful with how they treat their skin. There is even a 10-step korean skincare routine that is known to keep skin youthful and glowing. The K-Beauty trend enhances the skin by the "glass skin" trend thanks to the use of dewy foundation products, bases, and illuminating primers.

Tip: Try out different foundations, CC, BB, and cushion forms, to see which will look the most natural on you.

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2. Youthful Brows

K-Beauty is all about the straight brow, but the trend is changing to a softer curved brow that keeps the face looking youthful. It is important to keep the brows looking full, and well-maintained to achieve the look.

Tip: Try matching your brows to the color of your hair.

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3. Flower Petal Colors

To look fresh and lively, it is important to have healthy color on your skin. You can achieve this by choosing a lip and cheek color that matches your skin tone. Choose from blush pinks, reds, corals, and oranges to have a flower petal like appeal.

Tip: The gradient lip is a great option for a natural look.

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4. V-Shape Line

The V-shape line is a highly desired look for Koreans and is part of the ideal beauty standard of society. While plastic surgery is readily available to achieve this look, not all women are willing to go through it to get more "feminine" looking jaw line. Thus, contouring products are on the rise as they give a similar effect minus the expensive surgery.

Tip: Korean bloggers and ulzzangs use face tape to further achieve the v-shape line.

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5. Magnetic Eyes

The eyes are the strongest point of any look. Whether you have a monolid or a double-eyelid, you can always get a flattering eye make up look. The basic is mascara and a waterproof eyeliner. Throw in some neutral eyeshadow shades and the look is complete.

Tip: For monolid eyes, use eyelid glue or tape to make fake double eyelids.
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Get that basic K-beauty make up for everyday and feel confident like a K-pop star all the way!

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