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Online Registration for EPS-TOPIK 2019 (English)


Considering the existing number of job seekers still in the roster, please be guided that only the top 1,000 test takers of the 1st Round of test (Paper-based/Computer-based Test) will be allowed/qualified to take the 2nd Round of test (Skills and Competency test) afterwhich only the top 500 test takers shall be included in the job-seeker roster.

For those still interested to apply/register, please be guided as follows:

During office hours on 13-15 March 2019 the online registration shall be opened to all interested applicants for the 2019 EPS-TOPIK. Please visit to register.

Those who availed of the online survey shall use their respective Reference Number to register and to verify the status of their registration.

New applicants should provide the following information: Name of applicant, birthday, passport number, preferred venue, and manufacturing category. Also the first page of the passport and ID picture in accordance to the Detail Passport & Picture Regulation.

Ensure correctness and completeness of the information provided.

Qualifications requirements:

  1. Between 18 to 38 years old (not exceeding 38 years old on the test date)
  2. Have not stayed in the Republic of Korea for five (5) years or more
  3. No derogatory record (not convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment or a more severe punishment)
  4. No record of deportation or departure orders from the Republic of Korea
  5. Not restricted to depart from the Philippines
  6. No physical and medical handicaps that will hamper work efficiency, e.g., Ishihara deficient (color blindness/weakness), slip disc, finger amputation, etc.
  7. No Tuberculosis (TB) History

Important Reminders: Ground for Disqualification in the Registration

  1. Submission of false information and fake documents
  2. Double registration using different credentials
  3. Incorrect/Wrong encoding of information/data

Additional Reminder:

  • Please review all your information. Make sure it is correct
  • Incorrect entries will not be edited after submission

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