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Episode 5 - EPS-TOPIK Masterclass with Nash Oppa

On the 5th day, we discussed about things what you see in a dormitory and electric stuff you use inside your room. As for the grammar part, we talked about ~시다/하자 and ~보이다. A little looking tired, Nash still continues and did explanation on some parts of EPS-TOPIK open test situational questions.

Sa mga nagregister for 2018, May EPS-TOPIK test schedule na! alamin kung kung April 21 o 22 ka ba magtatake ng exam at iba pang detalye. Madali lang~

1. Go to HRD Korea website: 
2. Click EPS-TOPIK
3. Click Announcement of Test Date
4. Click 2nd Recruitment of the Point System in the Philippines
5. Search your Reciept # using your Application # (Yung last 8 digit # sa application # ninyo) to view your name kung kasama kayo sa list of examinees.
6. Set the D-Day sticky, at magreview kasama si Nash oppa tuwing gabi 10PM dito sa EPS TOPIK Online​!

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