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Sisyphus: The Myth First Impression

So, do you know what a telomere is? For someone as geeky as myself, I sure don't know what it is, and Sisyphus: The Myth, which started airing on tvN and Netflix on February 15, made me Google it.

I expected a lot from this series because big stars Cho Seung Woo, and Park Shin Hye are headlining it. As early as the last quarter of 2020, it has been making noise because of its science fiction genre. Seung's Woo character was referred to as the Korean Tony Stark, but I kind of disagree.

Well, Tony Stark is sort of obnoxious, but the character Han Tae Sul is not. On the other hand, Shin Ye's character is the mysterious Kang Seo Hae who seems to be from either another time or dimension or could be both.

Casting the two leads is an interesting decision not only because of their popularity, but because both have been part of time travel thrillers --- Cho Seung Woo in God's Gift - 14 Days, and Park Shin Hye in The Call.

I also found it pretty cute how they cast Tae Sul's best friend as the same person who played Seung Wood's character's (Mr. Gu) best friend in Life (2018).

The way the objects are not straight up, the opening credits truly give you a feeling of something being skewed in the world of this series.

The episode does not even get into a third of its running time, but it gets really intense already with a chase scene and action on a plane.

The concept of the suitcases reminds me of those from The Umbrella Academy, and I am pretty sure they will play a big role in the series. I just wonder if they are some sort of teleportation devices.

Unlike the sci-fi series The King: Eternal Monarch, I think it will be some time before we see the two leads actually meet up with each other.

I also like one of the show's theme songs which played during Tae Sul's grass scene. The singer had an excellent vibrato and good high notes, so it gives an ethereal feel to the scene. I noticed that whenever there is a dark undertone to a Korean TV series, English songs sang by Korean artists tend to be used in key scenes.

There are funny bits here and there, but Seo Hae's banana scene sure left an impression.

The first episode leaves you wanting for more, and I think the title of the show will give you a clue as to what direction the plot will take you. I am not going to be surprised if the creators of the show were indeed influenced by The Umbrella Academy. Because what I am guessing is that the show will take the route of Dark as well as Stephen King's The Dark Tower.

The series airs new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday.

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