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EPS TOPIK Online: #1 Self-Study Community for Korean Language Learners in the Philippines

Do you have plans on working in South Korea? One way to achive that is to pass the EPS-TOPIK examination. EPS-TOPIK (also called KLT or Korean Language Test) is conducted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor of South Korea for the selection of foreigner workers, including Filipinos to work in the Korean manufacturing sector. 

It tests the language skills of potential foreign employees to make sure that they can perform their duties in Korea efficiently and can also lead their everyday life without any language problems. Based on the EPS-TOPIK score, POEA filters the Filipino job seekers who can then apply for jobs and get a proper working visa (E-9) to work in South Korea.


Many people mistakenly identify TOPIK as the same with EPS-TOPIK. The two are both Korean language tests but they are different in many ways.

TOPIK stands for Test of Proficiency in Korean. TOPIK is a general test for those who want to study in Korea, work in Korea (not as EPS), test their Korean skills for immigration purposes.

EPS-TOPIK is the Employment Permit System – Test of Proficiency in Korean. EPS TOPIK is the test taken by those who want to work in Korea as EPS workers (for factory jobs).

Need Help to Self-Study EPS-TOPIK Online? aims to help the KR-PH community by managing an online platform gathering individuals with the same interests. Instead of spending money to enroll in those Korean language schools, why not study by yourself?

We manage the #1 Facebook group for Korean Language learners in the Philippines. Feel free to join and participate on the discussion:

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