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Royal Secret Agent Finale

Please show your love to lead stars Kim Myung Soo, Kwon Nara and Lee Yi Kyung as iQiyi International drop the final episodes of K-drama series Royal Secret Agent on Feb 8-9.

The iQiyi original and exclusive comedy drama follows the story of a delinquent gambler who was assigned to work as a secret inspector as a form of punishment.

What do you hope to achieve in terms of global recognition for “Royal Secret Agent”?

"The world is going through tough times due to the Covid19, so if the “Royal Secret Agent” can be a satisfying and refreshing breakthrough for everyone, I think it's an outstanding achievement."
- Kim Myung-soo

Lee yi-kyung message to international K-drama fans:

Thank you for loving Park Chun-sam in our drama and me. As an actor, I will work hard to show you good acting and become an actor capable of repaying your love. Please continue to watch us, and please pay a lot of attention until the end of the series. I love you.

It's Kwon Na-ra's first historical series! She plays Hong Da-in's role. She hopes that this work can bring a little bit of excitement to the viewers nowadays who have a lot of worries and concerns.

Anyone hosting a watch party for #royalsecretagent ?

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