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EPS-TOPIK Examination KLT17 Update

EPS-TOPIK Examination KLT17 started the registration in January 2020. Paper-Based Test (PBT) takers were scheduled in February 2020 at a University in Pampanga, Philippines. Takers waited for their results after six days prior to the examination. The passers now proceed to the Skill Test where takers will showcase their physical skills in manufacturing, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was then rescheduled in November of the same year.

This time, Skill Test is different. The Korean interviewer asks a series of questions in the Korean language. It has a color-blind test to assess communication and to mitigate the language barrier between two different nationalities. After the Skill Tests, and after posting a list of passers, they will then proceed to the next step: passing their medical certificates from accredited clinics and hospitals of the Department of Health and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. The latter is the sending agency of EPS-TOPIK. For a list of accredited POEA clinics, click here.

After sending the requirements, applicants will now have to wait for updates from HRD KOREA. Approvals are posted in the passer's EPS accounts. Wait for a notice from an employer that chooses your application.

CBT or Computer-Based Test is usually being done in POEA offices in Manila, Philippines. Thousands of takers waited for an update for a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. On February 17, 2021, an update was posted on the online Facebook group named EPS-TOPIK ONLINE. The update was about CBT Takers' scheduled examination on March 2021 up to July 2021 initially.  Most of the CBT takers are in trouble finding their schedules because the site is down, their receipt numbers and names are miscoded, or they can't find their profile at all. Some of them have only two weeks left to review prior to their examination date.

Some things in life happen not according to our plan, but God has given you hope to strive more, work wiser, and be faithful enough to overcome those inconsistencies and struggles in life.

To our takers and aspirants, good luck and mabuhay!

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