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A Dream to Work in South Korea as a Filipino

South Korea has a lot to offer not only by the mesmerizing beauty of their country but as well as on how people will treat you regardless of you, being non-resident in South Korea.

First impressions would be like "what you see is what you get" or be like "I want to live here". Many of us are dreaming to visit South Korea and some of us are willing to go further than visitation, and that would be WORK! FINE STABLE WORK!

People will think that South Korea will just be a dream, but little of us know that there are ways on how you can go to South Korea and that would be by taking EPS-TOPIK Examination offered not only in the Philippines but some of our nearby countries.

You can also try to take TOPIK Examination which series of questions you will be answering and if you pass this type of test, you now have the chance to study in South Korea. But first, you must learn, be familiarized and well knowledgeable enough about Korean culture, Korean language and so forth to be able to pass this test.

I, myself dreamed of South Korea.

I took up medical allied course, and shifted my luck by taking EPS-TOPIK Examination year 2020 and an EPS-TOPIK passer in the same year. Here's the thing, I may not be waiting for an employer now, If I didn't take the guts to try taking the test. Too good for a first timer like me.

My advice would be like this.

Do not be afraid of trying, because trying can change your life in a snap!

Every thing in this precious world are temporary. If you don't do it now, THEN WHEN!?

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