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Korean Traditional Games Worth Trying

The Korean culture is rich and colorful, and is preserved well thanks to Korean Tourism, K-Dramas, and the locals themselves. Any tourist who has gone there will express how well the traditions of the past are still alive today. Wearing a hanbok,eating korean food, and touring the traditional palaces are all part of the immersive experience.

One fun cultural experience is to try out traditional Korean games. These are unique games that have stood the test of time in South Korea. It is also fun to see how those of the past entertained themselves. 

Here are some traditional Korean games worth trying out!


This is one doesn't need a lot of players and can be played alone as well. Jegichagi is essentially a game where your keep the jegi from touching the ground by kicking it up in the air with your feet. The jegi is usually made with a paper and coin or rock to look like a shuttlecock. Children love playing this game.


This traditional game is actually a national sport that is still popular in South Korea. It is a sport mainly played by men and uses both strength and technique to wrestle each other to the ground using a satba ( cloth sash tied on the waist). It is still aired on television during Korean holidays like Lunar New Year Day. Celebrities, K-Pop Idols, and Ssireum athletes play this around this time as part of folk tradition.


This game is very popular amongst those of royal or noble birth back in the day. The rules are very simple as player need to throw arrows into a pot. The one with the most arrows inside the pot wins.


Koreans have their own version of a traditional board game played during Korean holidays like Lunar New Year. Yunnori is a game where players have to complete traveling all around the board by throwing yunnori sticks. The amount of moves can be determined by how the sticks fall and which side they are facing. It is a lot of fun and can be played by people of all ages. Many play this game as it is believed to continue strong family ties.

Would you like to try out these games someday? 

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