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"KR-PH Creators Day" in Manila - Invitation to Filipino Bloggers and Video Creators

Do you live in Manila and have a blog with Korean-related content or make videos about Korea? On November 9, 2019, we are inviting you!

“KR-PH Creators Day” is an event that aims to start a network of active Filipino bloggers and video content creators to spark collaborations. We do believe this initiative would improve ties of Philippines and Korea through the power of media and technology.

Activities includes discussions with prominent KR-PH speakers such as the following:

  1. Korean Blogging 101: How to properly publish Korean contents online
    Learn how to properly convey your thoughts as a fan on paper. Know the right platforms and free tools to write a blog. What are the common mistakes a blogger does when publishing an article about Korea? A speaker from Annyeong Oppa, one of the Philippines’ leading Korean social media hub will answer all your questions. 
  2. Attending Events in Korea and Tips on How to Process Visa 
    Are you planning to go to Korea to personally take photos of a K-pop concert but don't know how? It is easier to get a Korean Visa if you’re a student. Didn't you know? Know more facts and the process on how to get your Korean visa from a trusted travel agency who specializes Filipino tourists traveling to Korea. 
  3. Making Films as a Filipino in Korea 
    Ever wonder how is it like living in Korea as a Filipino to work with Korean actors and make films? Nash Ang, the Filipino filmmaker who made the first ever KR-PH feature film "Seoul Mates" will talk in front of you, behind the scenes. 
The event is on invitational basis and free! To participate, input your contact details and we will send you more information with regards of the time and venue though this link:

Other activities include friendly discussions of upcoming Korean events and concerts which content creators may able to attend. See you soon!

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