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Top 5 Places to Visit for the K-pop Super Fan

There are a lot of things a super fan can do when they get to the land of K-pop. While the list is very long there are certain spots that no fan should miss out when they have a vacation in Seoul.

The Hallyu wave is rising and has already dominated the Western music scene. This new rise in the Korean music scene is drawing in more and more tourists to Seoul. Thanks to K-Pop they have started to learn more about the Korean culture and make the trip to the East.

No doubt there are a lot of other things to do in Seoul, but a K-Pop fan must have a day or two for their fandoms. Here are the Top 5 places to visit for the K-Pop super fan!

Myeongdong Underground Shopping Mall

You can purchase tons of K-Pop goodies at the underground mall at Myeongdong Station. They have everything from nail decals, keychains, magnets, fans, socks, and more. Whatever your favorite group is they definitely have merch in stock for you to hoard.

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This is akin to the Disneyland of Disney fans. The SM Town Wonderland is a place that is all things SM Entertainment. It features their artists like Super Junior, Red Velvet, TVXQ, NCT 127, and EXO among many others. You can buy official merchandise, watch the hologram movie, or try being a K-Pop idol for a day!

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Hallyu K-Star Road

Nothing is more Instagram worthy than K-Pop decorated teddy bears. This area is always a big hit with K-pop fans as they can choose a teddy statue to take pictures with. Each bear is decorated according to a K-Pop group fandom, color, and memorabilia. No two bears are a like and they totally pop in Instagram photos!

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Korean Entertainment Companies

The curious K-Pop fan will want to check out the companies where their idols came from. It is a treat to check out the company and see it in real life. It is a great place to take a souvenir shot with the entertainment companies’ logo and the like. If you’re really lucky, you may see a famous face or two walking in or out of the company!

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Celebrity Owned K-pop Cafes & Restaurants

These young celebrities don’t always spend their earnings on personal items. Many of them invest in small businesses like cafes and restaurants. There are so many to choose from and most of the time their family members take care of these establishments. From time to time they drop in and what a lucky fan you are if you catch them!

Suggestions: Super Junior Eun Hyuk’s Chocolate BonBon , JYJ Jaejoong’s Café J Holic, EXO Kai’s KAMONG Café, Infinite DongWoo’s Inchang Jjuggumi, Se7en’s Yeolbong, and Highlight Yoseob’s Chilk Naengmyun.

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Now you can use this optimized hit list to take on the K-pop hotspots of Seoul. Don't forget to take a lot of pictures as a souvenir!

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