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7 Best Korean Street Foods for Filipino Tastebuds

The stalls that line up the busy streets don't sell random items and, more often than not, it is food. People from work and school always eat at these stalls for a quick bite. 

There is nothing more exciting than trying out different cuisines to excite your palate. If you're a tourist visiting Seoul then you're in for a treat. Apart from the extensive traditional Korean cuisine, the country has so much more to offer. In fact, their food stall snacks are a big hit amongst tourists and locals alike.

Don't miss out on trying something new, here are 7 food stall snacks koreans love.


This is the ultimate Korean snack that is made out of glutinous rice cakes, fish cakes, veggies, and more. It is a spicy, sweet, and savory treat you'll always crave for. Plus, adding ingredients like cheese to tteokbokki make it even more tasty.
Image result for tteokbokki
Image from Pickled Plum

Odeng/Eomuk ( Fishcakes)

This is a comfort food for locals as it is very light to eat. Odeng is  just a lightly flavored fish cake that is either flat or tube shaped. Eomuk, on the other hand, is an upgraded version filled with veggies and seafood.
Related image
Image from Living Nomads

Baked Cheese

Nothing can beat cheese when it comes to snacks. Koreans have perfected mixing textures and flavors when it comes to their cheese snacks. Bakes Cheese is a skewer with z and rice cakes. It is sticky, chewy, and savory as a treat you can leisurely enjoy.
Image result for baked cheese korea
Image From Seoul Searching

Cheese Butter Baked Scallops

Another savory cheese snack that is very hard to resist. The scallops are grilled at the stall itself. The butter and cheese combo compliment the slightly sweet scallops. Lots of tourists flock this unique food stall find.
Image result for cheese Butter Scallops korea
Image from Daniel Food Diary

Roasted Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato is healthy and a delicious snack. Locals love eating this during winter or autumn because it is served hot. It is usually roasted over coals or in a large oven.
Image result for roasted sweet potato korean
Image from Seoulistic

Mandu ( Dumplings)

Mandu is a korean version of the more popular Japanese gyoza. It is filled with veggies, pork and spices. The usual way to eat it is fried or boiled, and it is sometimes added to other dishes as well.

Image result for mandu
Image from My Eclectic Bites

Hweori Gamja ( Potato Tornado)

This Instagram worthy snack became viral on social media with slews of tourist posting this for their friends to see. It is a potato that is twisted around a stick and then fried. It can be savory, sweet, and crispy too.
Image result for potato tornado
Image from Canadian Red Cross
Your stomach will be happy and your tastebuds will be satisfied after giving these treats a try. Now you'll have something to recommend to friends when they make the trip to Seoul!

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