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What to Wear in Korea during Spring

Spring is truly unpredictable. Temperatures can go up and down throughout the day. If you're traveling to Korea soon, you might want to double check what you're going to wear.

Layering is the key to beat the unpredictable weather. 
Check out our Spring fashion essentials.

Inner Shirts

These are the easy base layer of any outfit. Your choice of inner shirts may be important as these are what people see when you are a place where there is a heater.


On a casual day, you may wear hoodies on top of your inner shirt. Hoodies are also great for a long day outdoors.

Pro-tip: Bring two hoodies and use them alternately.

Outer Jacket

On a sunny Spring day, the wind can be very harsh. To protect yourself from wind burns, you can wear a softshell jacket, a fleece jacket, or a rain jacket. These are lightweight and breathable, ready to save you from the winds yet leaving you in-style and comfortable.


Although the weather is mostly warm, it is still advisable to wear pants rather than shorts or skirts. There are times that the weather is warm during the day, but it gets chilly at night. 

Women, however, may wear stockings or tights with a thick or high denier.


The most appropriate shoes in any season are the ones you are most comfortable with. Depending on your activity, you can wear casual shoes for walking. Shoes with memory foam are the trend these days and they can be easily found at the malls.
Pro-tip: Slip-on shoes are more convenient to bring during your visit because, in Korean tradition, you cannot really wear shoes inside a house. You have to put them on and off before you can enter the house.

Generally, Korean fashion is all about comfort, creativity, and expressing yourself. Mix and match your way to a more fashionable trip to Korea!

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