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Things to do on Black Day

Not everyone succeeds in confessing their love or getting something from the one they love. A month after White Day comes Black Day, a day for single people.

Black represents so many things. It may be sad, it may be something bad. In Korea, black is also associated with romance. Today, April 14, Koreans still celebrate Black Day in the most interesting way possible.

1. Eat Jajangmyeon.


Jajangmyeon is considered as Korea's national comfort food. There are many jjajangmyeon eating contests going on this day. Make sure to join one.

2. Get a cup of black coffee.

Coffee shops often organize speed dates on April 14 in the hopes of helping single people find their match.

3. Go Black.

Dress in flashy black clothes and impress your future lover on how cute yet sexy you are. ;)

Celebrate your singlehood with your friends with these activities that will make you forget the bitterness. Happy Black Day!

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