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4 Exotic Foods in Korea for the Adventurous Tourist

There is nothing like being adventurous on a first visit to South Korea. New flavors, and new cuisine is what food tripping is all about.

Travelling is all about experiencing a new culture and stepping out of your comfort zone. This is an opportunity to learn new things and revel in the rich culture of another country. So don’t miss out and try experience new dishes while you’re there. If you don’t like the dish you can say you at least tried it. And if you do like the dish, you’ll have found a new world of flavors to explore.

Here are 4 exotic eats for the adventurous tourist!

Jokbal (Pig Trotters)

Pig Trotters, of jokbal, is a delicious Korean dish cooked with soy sauce and spices. It has a lot of collage, which is said to promote firm and wrinkle free skin. It is also said to counter affect the effects of alcohol and prevent hangovers as well.
Image result for pig trotters
Image From Michelin Guide

San Nakji ( Live Octopus)

No one in their right mind would risk eating something life, but san-nakji is a different ballgame. It is served sushi style with dip. The dish is mainly squirming long arms of small octopi. Make sure you chew well before swallowing!

FACT: Though a rare occurrence, there have been some people who died eating this dish.
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Image taken from Wikipedia

Dakpal (Chicken Feet)

Image taken from World Food Guide
This sweet and spicy dish is a treat for those living in Asia. Dakpal is chicken feet cooked with a savory gochujang sauce. Many like to eat this a snack with some beer or soju.
Image result for dakpal
Image taken from Maangchi

( Boiled Silkworm Pupa)

Can you imagine eating bugs? Asian countries love their edible bug varieties and South Korea is no exception. While there are many who are squeamish at the thought of consuming a bug, beondegi is usually served in food stalls. It can be boiled, steamed, or eaten as is.

Image result for beondegi
Image from World Food Guide

Be a little more adventurous and give these snacks a try. Who knows, you may like it too!

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