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What’s inside Cross Remittance PHP Facebook Page?

Just last October, Coinone Transfer Inc. became the very first in the blockchain field in South Korea to enter the global remittance service sector with its main service called “Cross” aiming to be ‘Your Remittance Hero’ through easier, more convenient, and safer financial services.

Aside from their actual website and Cross Application where you can use to remit, let’s take a look on what’s inside Cross Remittance PHP Facebook page and how Cross reaches out to the Filipino communities here in Korea.

1. Cross News & Cross FAQ

Announcements, notices, and answers for frequently asked questions related to using Cross remittance service can all be found here! Beware of the cute characters showing up on some of the posts.

2. #LoveaCrossBorders

For all the Filipinos living in South Korea, for those who choose to love even across borders, Cross is here to listen to their stories and to share them with fellow Filipinos living here in Korea.

3. #Crosselection

Kimchi, galbitang, tteokbokki, samgyupsal.. No doubt that Korean food can be great! But have you ever craved for the taste of back home for tasty Filipino food such as sinigang, adobo, etc? Cross is here to introduce Filipino restaurants here in Korea to satisfy your Filipino food cravings even if you’re far from home. 

4. #CrossTV

Your Facebook timeline can get serious, boring, or even uninteresting sometimes.. Cross is here to serve you some good laugh! Sit back and watch fellow Filipinos here in Korea join Cross Challenges on Cross TV to win some limited edition of Cross goodies.

Watch out for all these exciting contents from Cross official Facebook page both for entertainment purposes and useful information to use Cross remittance service at the same time!

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