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8 Korean Foods Perfect for the Fall Season

Fall just started and our food list just keeps getting better and better! If you are traveling to South Korea, here are some of the food that you can try this fall season.

1. Sweet Potato / Goguma (고구마)

(Photo from Seoul Travel PASS)
This night market snack is popular especially during the colder months in South Korea. They are usually wrapped in tin foil and then fire-roasted until they are cooked.

2. Persimmon / Gam (감)

(Photo from Humble Future)
It is not common in the Philippines, but this fiber-enriched fruit is another staple during the fall season in South Korea. Persimmons are usually harvested around October or November and can be eaten as is, dried, as a jam, or on desserts like bingsu (shaved ice).

3. Roasted chestnuts / Gunbam (군밤)

(Photo from 유드림's blog)
Like sweet potatoes, roasted chestnuts are also sold on the streets by Korean market vendors. This yummy snack can give your warmth during the cold nights of fall and winter. Don't forget to share!

4. Blue Crab / Kkot Ge (꽃게)

(Photo from Korean Bapsang)
Male blue crabs are in season during autumn. That is when they are at their most plump! Some of the most popular Korean blue crab dishes that you can try are 간장게장 (Ganjang Gejang / Raw Crab Marinated in Soy Sauce), 양념게장 (Yangnyeom Gejang / Spicy Raw Crab), and 꽃게탕 (Kkotgetang / Korean Crab Stew) among others.

5. Gizzard Shad / Jeon-eo (전어)

(Photo from Korea Tourism Organization)
Autumn in South Korea means a variety of seafoods are in season! One of those are the flavorful gizzard shads filled with healthy oil (Make sure to get the large-sized ones!). You can enjoy it fried, grilled, or even raw. Yum!

6. Corn / Oksusu (옥수수)

(Photo from iamfoodstylist on Naver)
Koreans love to eat corn but they love it even more during autumn and preferably steamed or grilled. Another well-liked street food that you can enjoy while you are out exploring South Korea with your family or friends.

7. Porridge / Jook (죽)

(Photo from Apricosa)
One of the simplest, yet probably the most perfect comfort food this fall, Jook, also known as congee (or lugaw to us Filipinos). It's made with rice and has a lot of variations, the popular ones are the 호박죽 (Hobakjook / Pumpkin porridge) and 단팥죽 (Danpatjook / Red bean porridge).

8. Korean Pancake / Hoddeok (호떡)

(Photo from Maangchi)
One of the most famous street foods in South Korea. It is usually stuffed with honey, nuts, red bean paste, and sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon and best eaten right after it's fried. It will surely satisfy your taste buds!

Have you gotten a taste of any of these goodness? How was it? Tell us about your experience below!

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