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History of Filipinos in Korea

Filipinos in Korea have a long history dating back with the establishment of Republic of Korea. Around 7,500 soldiers from the Philippines fought in the Korean war in summer of 1950.

Since then the Philippines, together with South Korea have been together in promotion of peace, prosperity, and economic stability. A bond strengthened by the war, and remembered today by the new generation.

The continuing rise of South Korea’s economy made the country an attractive destination for Filipinos to seek for opportunities for a better life. The migration started in 1990s, when there was a surge of expat entertainers and migrant wives. Recent statistics states that approximately 60,000 Filipinos are living in Korea which made it Korea's third largest expat community, next to China and Vietnam.

Tulad ng mga Pinoy noong dekada 50 na tumulong sa Korea, we are still united as one community. We continue to serve our country, fellow men, and God. 

Mabuhay ang Filipinos in South Korea!

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