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Spicy Noodle Challenge: Which level can you handle?

We can't deny that the fame of the spicy noodle challenge is already global and that it continuously takes over social media since Kpop and Korean culture paved its way internationally, especially in the Philippines. Have you tried the Spicy Noodle Challenge? If not, we selected the brands that are easy to find in PH and here are some suggestions on which brand could hype your cravings for something spicy. 

**Scovilles is the scoring meter for spiciness level.

5. Nongshim's Shin Ramyeon 

(2,700 Scovilles)

Boasting their brand as the representative ramyeon of Korea, Shin Ramyeon is extremely famous worldwide for providing their pouch and cup noodles easily available even in local supermarkets in Manila and nearby provinces. You can even spot one in a convenience store!

4. Nongshim's Spicy Bibim Ramyeon 

(2,769 Scovilles)

Aside from the spiciness level, the brand and this particular product, Mr. Bibim is popular for its Yangnyeom flavor. This is a popular taste to Koreans as they are huge fans of Yangnyeom sauce.

3. Samyang's Buldak Beokumyeon (Extreme Hot Chicken Flavor Noodles) Black

(4,044 Scovilles)

Numbing your tongue after taking the challenge, this extremely spicy noodles wouldn't just let you rest your mouth after the challenge. Make sure that you have your water ready once you start your challenge! You can easily spot these items in Korean marts but most of the time, they easily get sold out!

2. Eottugi's Heat Ramyeon 

(5,013 Scovilles)

Compared to other brands mentioned here, this one is not easy to find. This type of ramyeon can be mostly in huge Korean marts so if you find one and is interested to know how it taste, then don't think twice and add it on your cart!

1. Samyang's Buldak Beokumyeon (Extreme Hot Chicken Flavor Noodles) Red

 (8,706 Scovilles)

Brave enough? If you tried the black series, then this one is the doubled version of it! This wouldn't just give you that burning sensation, it would also turn your face as red as the packaging of it. Don't underestimate the spicy level of this noodle 'cause it has turned down a lot of challengers globally.

If you tried any among our list, don't forget to share your stories on the comment section! Have fun with the challenge!

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