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Top 5 Websites to Learn Korean Language

Having a hard time learning Korean language or you just don't have the time to enroll for a language class? Lots of Filipinos are starting to learn this language. In fact, a lot of Korean schools started to open in the Philippines to cater them. But then, there are lots of factors to consider before enrolling and one of them is the fees. Cheaper options? Do it online! Here are some sites that will help you start your Korean language journey.

1. Talk To Me in Korean

With their promise to 'Help you speak Korean better,' it is also highly recommended for beginners as they provide in depth level by level learning. You can check their online curriculum through their website and even have an online bookstore for supplementary materials.

2. How To Study Korean

If your focus is to learn more about Korean grammar and vocabularies, the site How To Study Korean will help you with their unit type lessons. Each unit is composed of 25 sub topics, quizes and unit test. This will surely enhance your writing skills and add up on your vocabularies.

3. Korean Class 101

This website is famous for their videos with 'seonsaengnims' that are actually native Koreans. Through their videos, they discuss grammar points, vocabularies and uses of some phrases in a conversation or writing. You can also download PDF files and audios on this site.

 4. 90 Day Korean

'Progress at Your Own Pace, Always Stay on Target and Easy to Learn, Hard to Forget!' This is the approach of 90 Day Korean to its learners. If you sign up on their site, you'll get a daily lesson from them in a form of e-mail. They call their students an 'Inner Circle Student' where they have the access to weekly lessons and supplementary materials. As well, their works would be proofread by native Koreans.

5. TOPIK guide

If you are now ready to take your TOPIK Exam but not that confident yet for it, do some preparations with TOPIK guide's study guide, mock exams and list of past TOPIK exams which you can answer at home. The site also do online classes and is updated with the dates of exams for every country.

Are there websites that we missed on our list? Share with us your secrets in learning Korean language. Which apps and websites helped you?

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