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Autumn fashion for girls in Korea that you must try

August is about to end and welcoming September also mean that Korean weather is about to change soon. Leaves would start falling and so does the temperature would start to drop! If you are planning or about to travel in South Korea next month, here's some of your must try OOTDs for your insta-worthy shots.

1. Don't forget your turtle neck shirts!

A turtle neck shirt is usually a type of long sleeve pull over, a sweater that has a close-fitting and has a roundish collar that totally covers the neck. This is good if you are on a lazy day to bring your scarf but still afraid of the cold. This matches both skirt or pants and also goes well with a cardigan for a little bit change on your fashion statement.

2. Make sure to bring your jacket

Let's get things right, make sure that no matter how fashionable your attire is, you still have rooms to cover yourself for the cold. Jackets or cardigans are the most helpful and handy items that won't hurt your OOTD but instead, it allows you to give it another twist. It can also be a props that goes well with your photo once you remove it.

3. Try it with a pullover

Pullover is one of the most comfortable clothes you could wear during autumn. Why? It's easy to wear, it fits whatever skirt or pants you plan to partner it with. It also goes well with comfy shoes like sneakers and even doll shoes.

4. Dresses and pants won't hurt

Loose wide leg pants is so 'in' nowadays that you don't even need to think twice about wearing one. It gives the illusion that you are taller than your real height and that you don't need to sacrifice comfort at the same time.

5. Layering is in!

The trend nowadays in terms of women fashion is the jumpsuit and that they use sleeveless dress to layer with long sleeves or simple shirts. This is popularly known as 'shirt under dress' style.

We'd love to hear more about your thoughts on Korean fashion. Share with us in the comment section!

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