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Alexander Lee of "My Korean Jagiya" comes back in Philippines as a K-pop duo

The AXM Duo is a collaboration of two Korean artists Alexander Lee and Marucci. In fact, they met during the shoot of My Korean Jagiya earlier in the Philippines  but never had the chance to talk about music not until they had a casual friendly talk about their passion for this industry and later on decided to make this project a reality.

The two showcased their talent through performances and right after, they talked about the title tracks of their album including that of ‘Keep Ya Head Up’ which is a mellow themed song. Meanwhile, their other song S.M.N. is in a party vibe which Alexander believes is perfect for the party culture in the Philippines.

During the press conference, Alexander has been asked if he misses his former group Ukiss and if he’s currently in a relationship. He enthusiastically answered that he wants to focus on himself as an artist first. He shared that being in a group has pros and cons as they share workload and practice time together. As well, there were times that he misses Ukiss but recently enjoys being alone. 

I have to be independent. This is the time that I enjoy solo moment.” He sincerely answered.

Meanwhile, Marucci as a solo artist wrote songs for Korean commercials and sound tracks for dramas. For his Philippine’s first collaboration, he worked with Rita Daniela on a single entitled ‘Superman.’

Here's the official music video for Keep Ya Head Up:

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