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Gabay Sa Buhay Korea - Survive Disasters with “Safety Manual for Women in Seoul"

The Seoul Government and Seoul Global Center have published a brochure, “Safety Manual for Women in Seoul”, so that Seoul residents can rapidly respond to disasters.

This guide offers information about disaster response against the five most frequent and devastating disasters in Korea; namely fire, earthquake, typhoon and flood, subway accident and building collapse. It also provides useful information regarding how to use a fire extinguisher, essential first aid, preparing emergency rations and a survival kit etc. The illustrated manual is easy for everyone to understand.

The Safety Manual for Women in Seoul is available in 12 languages including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Russian, Thai, Filipino, Uzbek, Arabic and Indonesian, so foreign residents can also prepare for disasters in advance. You can click the links below to access E-books.

We hope you can lead a safe life in Seoul with this guide!

▷ Download a Korean PDF file of ‘Safety Manual for Women in Seoul;▷ Access E-BOOKs for Safety Manual for Women in Seoul;

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