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EPS-TOPIK Online Master Class 2018 by Nash Oppa

This upcoming 21 and 22th of April 2018, EPS-TOPIK exam for Filipinos will be held in the Philippines. In line with this, Pinoy Seoul prepared something to help our fellow filipinos to pass the upcoming exam. Passing this the EPS TOPIK is the first step to land a job in Korea as a factory worker.

Hosted by our very own Nash Ang, EPS-TOPIK Online Master Class is a Facebook livestream based class which will focus on how to answer the test questions.
EPS-TOPIK Master Class by Nash Oppa Intro
Magreview kasama si Nash oppa sa EPS-TOPIK Master Class every night at 10:000PM (PH)
Posted by EPS TOPIK Online on Saturday, April 7, 2018

Catch Nash oppa every night 10:00pm (PH) from April 8, 2018 live on EPS TOPIK Online Facebook page!

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