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Episode 4 - EPS-TOPIK Master Class with Nash Oppa

Hallyu or Korean wave is the main focus of this class. Nash discusses K-pop, Korean Dramas, Korean movies, also imports and exports of South Korea. As for the grammar, the class explored the use of ~잖아요 and 는 것 같아요 in daily conversations. 

Lets talk about yung mga phrases and words na naririnig natin lagi sa Korean dramas:

숙제 (sukje)= Homework
지금 (jikeum)= now
예- yes (formal)
저 Jo- me (to older person)
나 Na- me (to younger or same aged person)
선생님 (seonsaeng-nim) - you to older person)
너 Neo- you (to younger or same aged person)
아저씨 Ajushi- man or middle aged man
아줌마 Ajuma or ajumeoni- middle aged woman
아가씨 Agashi- unmarried woman 
전화 (jeonhwa) - phone
번호 (beonho) - number
싫어요 Silheoyo- don’t like to 
내가 Naega- Am I / I am
나는 알아? Neonaara- Do you know me?
야구 할래? Yagu harrae- wanna play basketball?
죽을래? Chuggullae- Gusto mong mamatay?
저기요 Jeogiyo- Hey there
학생이세요? Hagjaengiseyo- are you a student?
아마도 Amado- maybe
팬 (pen)- pen
샀어 Sasso- bought
안해 Anhae- not do
집에 갈거야 - gonna go home
알아 Ara- know
집 Jib- house
시장 (syijang) - market
이사 Isa- moved in/out
나라 Nara- nation
이웃 iyut - neighbour
교육 Gyoyuk- education
좋았어? Joassuh? - was it good?
감이 오지- can you feel it
저는 Chonun- i am 
음악- music
전화 (jeonhwa)- telephone
미쳐 (micheo) - crazy
예쁘지Yeppeuji- am i pretty

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