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Online Filipino Teachers preferred over offline Native Teachers in Daegu City

Video English learning from Philippines bumps out 'live' native teachers

By Oh Young-jin

Now that hiring native English-speaking instructors is costly, some local education authorities are relying more on the cheaper method of online video learning.

Daegu City offers a program for all primary and secondary school students residing in the city to log on to a website and learn practical English from native-speaking teachers in the Philippines.

The video classes match one teacher with three students, are available for different levels of proficiency and last for three months.

The three-month course costs 125,000 won, about $100 cheaper than commercial courses, with 60 percent supported by the city.

Students from underprivileged families will get access to the course free of charge.

The course is divided into 11 levels on the basis of proficiency, starting with beginner class and progressing to advanced for conversation with native speakers on a variety of subjects. Three 30-minute or two 45-minute classes are available.

The instructors are Filipinos who majored in English education and posses related certificates.

About 5,800 students are expected to join the program this year. Last year, 3,365 students, including 263 from underprivileged families, applied.

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