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United Filipinos In Korea (UFILCOR)

UFILKOR (United Filipinos in Korea) formerly known as UPIKOR (United Pinoys in Korea) was organized on February 19,2010, through the collective efforts of the Philippine Embassy (thru the former Consul -General Sylvia Marasigan), the Seoul Global Center and the different Korean-Filipino organizations such as the:

1. Philippine Blessed Missionaries in Korea (
PBMK) - represented by Grace Tadili-Park
2. Heart Tree - represented by Mary Joy Aparte
3. I with You Immigration -represented by Melody Duran
4.Galilea Womens Association - represented by Ana Marie Male
5.Water Drop Society - represented by Jasmine Lee (now a member of the National Assembly of Korea)
6.FILAKOR - represented by Veronica Viray
7.Pinoy Iskolars in Korea (PIKO) - represented by Ma. Regina Arquiza
8. Other representatives from women migrant/call centers

The group was created with the following objectives:

1. To assist in the promotion of the unique Filipino culture,tradition and heritage to the Korean society and to the various multi-cultural communities in Korea.

2.To facilitate productive cultural and economic exchanges between Korea and the Philippines.

3. To assist Korean-Filipino families (Damunwha) to become productive and active members of the Korean society and to limit the general impression that most multi-cultural families are burden to the Korean government and thus, treated as second class citizens of the Korean society.

4. UFILKOR provides as a networking lead group to provide the following services to its members:
a. financial supports,
b. livelihood programs and job placements,
c. education on existing korean laws for migrant /multi-culture families, OFWs,
d. counseling/legal/medical assistance,
e. education of multi-cultural children on Phil. culture and traditions and provides summer/winter english camps and english lessons,
f. family bondings through leisure, sports and cultural activities,
g. to assist other Filipino nationals during their stay in Korea.
h. most importantly, UFILKOR aims to unite the Filipino community in Korea as "ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD".

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