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Filipino Migrant Workers Association In Kumi (FIMWAK)

Year 2000 marks the birth of the 1st Filipino organization at the humble but dynamic city of Gumi. Burning with desire to serve and address the growing moral, spiritual and physical needs of the filipino workers, Ms. Mo Kyung Soon,Director and Fr. Herbert Wottawah, Administrator of the Gumi Migrant Workers' Center officially organized the Filipino Migrant Worker's Association of Korea (FIMWAK) with Jeffrey Barrientos as its 1st President/Chairman.

Since then, the officers and members of FIMWAK have engaged in various projects and activities in collaboration with the Gumi Catholic Center promoting the following goals and objectives:

1. to provide the necessary support and assistance to work related problems and issues;
2. to promote camaraderie and friendship building unity and solidarity among members;
3. to help the filipino workers adapt to Korean way of living developing strong cultural ties;

Since then the members of FIMWAK have been receiving the benefits of support from the center as follows:

A. Regular Sunday English Mass

B. Educational Services
1. Korean Language Education
2. Computer Classes
3. Korean Labor Law and Immigrant Classes
4. Asian Culture Studies

C. Medical Service
1. Free physical check-up
2. Free Dental Service

D. Human Rights Protection and Labor Counselling

E. International Marriage Family Support

F. Promotion of Cultural Events


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