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2018 Application Form - EPS-TOPIK Test & Skills Test by POEA and HRD Korea

Announcement on Implementation of Point System for Recruitment of Foreign Workers

Ministry of Employment and Labor in Korea (MOEL) and Department of Labor and Employment announce implementation of point system for recruitment of foreign workers, scheduled to launch this year.

Point system takes different road with EPS-TOPIK based recruiting to comprehensively examine a person with their skills, physical condition, experiences including but not limited to their ability for Korean. Specifically, on the physical conditions, Applicants with color blindness, color weakness are not permitted to pass the point system based test. Also, applicants with any physical handicaps such as the slipped disc, finger amputation cannot pass the point system.

In the Recruitment Point System, candidates will be selected in order of highest score. To pass the first round, a candidate has to get at lease the designated points (44points). After that, at most 200% of the expected number of final passers of the point system will be selected in order of highest score by industries to take the second round.

Passers at the first round of test will get a chance to take the second round of test which consists of Skills test and Competency test. In the second round the scores of these two tests will be added up. Considering the accumulated point, the candidates within the expected number of selections will be selected to pass the point system in the order of the highest scores.

In the second round of the test, the candidates who have work experiences in the chosen industry, national certificates corresponding to the chosen industry, and training course completions and College(University) graduation certificates related to the chosen industry must submit documentary evidence for the Competency test. Also all passers of first round must take Skills test. The candidates who do not take Skills test will not pass the point system.

Candidates must check their physical states in terms of the color weakness and the color blindness to apply the first round of the test, EPS- TOPIK.

Furthermore, the candidates found to have color blindness or color weakness in Skills test, will not pass the point system. If a candidates is judged to be unable to work in the applied industry, the candidate also could be excluded.

February 26, 2018

Supervised by the Ministry of Employment and Labor(MOEL) of Republic of Korea

Administrated by : Human Resources Development service of Korea(HRD Korea) 

Cooperated by : Department of Labor and Employment(DOLE) & Philippine Overseas Employment Administration

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