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Akbayang Pinay Korea

Akbayang Pinay is an organization that aims to unite and support Filipinas married to Koreans. The group was formed to foster closer ties among the families of Filipinas married to Koreans by encouraging better understanding of the Philippines, its culture, history, and its people. Akbayang Pinay also intends to act as a bridge in bringing the Filipino marriage immigrants closer to the community by supporting the government’s efforts in integrating multicultural families in Korean society.

Organization History:

For the longest time, there is no known or registered organization that actively unites Filipinas married to Koreans in Uijeongbu. There are several organizations that do just that in other cities around Korea, and these organized Filipino communities are great vehicles in uniting Filipinas, promoting Philippine culture, and to at least lessen homesickness and make someone feel not so far away from home.

Living in a foreign country is an exciting journey at first. But once everything sinks in, the challenges to quickly learn the language, adapt to its culture and traditions are daunting. It would be a lot easier if there is an organization that fully understands the hardships and challenges Filipino multi-cultural families face. It would be nicer if there are people who experienced the same to advice and help those in need, and it would be great to know that there are people willing to help in times of need.

Hence, Akbayang Pinay was formed. To build stronger ties among Filipinas married to Koreans in Uijeongbu and its nearby cities. It will serve as our “home away from home.” It will serve as a support group to those in need, and it will actively promote Philippine culture through its various activities in the future.



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