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Apply for Namseoul University Scholarship 2018


NAMSEOUL UNIVERSITY ( in South Korea is now accepting applicants for the following Graduate Programs:

1. Masters in International Teaching (MIT)

The Master's in International Teaching is designed to prepare students for international teaching careers and provides pathways to teaching opportunities across Asia and around the world. The program welcomes students from all countries and foreign residents seeking professional development and opportunities to develop international teaching careers. This program creates opportunities to international students from around the world to pursue careers as global educators.

2. Masters of Arts in International Studies (MAIS)

The innovative MAIS prepares students for dynamic international careers through emphasis areas in Negotiation and Law, Entrepreneurship, or Leadership in the Service Industry. Each of these MAIS tracks has connection with industry partner organizations that increase learning opportunities for students. Each track also has specialized financial aid options. The tracks’ academic content, industry connection, and financial support are described below:

2.1 Negotiation and Law Track
The negotiation and law track educates future business negotiators and law specialists to work in international businesses or organizations. The track offers coursework in business strategy, entrepreneurship, and negotiation, and provides familiarity with contracts.

Fellowship Option:
A full scholarship is available for experienced international business or legal professionals who want to work for Korean companies NSU has partnered with during their education. The student provides research assistance with new market opportunities, trade, and other agreement issues for the sponsoring company, who then pays the student’s tuition. Some companies may also provide additional financial support to the student.

2.2 Entrepreneurship Track
This track embraces changes from the 4th industrial revolution and educates students to cope with globalization and prepares them to work for international companies in Korea, or to start their own businesses. Students will be exposed to business strategy from startups to IPO and will develop knowledge in creativity, negotiation, innovation, and regulation / law.

Fellowship Option:
Through an innovative partnership with private companies, students may apply to participate in a lab experience where they conduct research for live companies. Participating students will receive a full scholarship funded by participating companies and they will conduct market research, produce market penetration strategies, or other entrepreneurial work. Students will receive a stipend for their work.

2.3 Service Industry Leadership Track
The MAIS Service Industry Leadership track focuses on preparing and training leaders for the service industry, including hotels, resorts, and other hospitality sector firms. Students learn in the classroom and actual on site locations in the industry.

Fellowship Option:
All students may apply for a fellowship that provides financial support and practical experience in an industry setting. Through a special collaboration between NSU and industry partners students will engage in a work-study experience while they are in the program. This component helps students develop solid understanding of hospitality industry management, to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life situations, and to acquire related work experience prior to graduation.

Students receiving a fellowship will work at least two days per week at a partner company location and the company partner pays a salary directly to the student. A separate application for fellowship program is required and partner companies may interview or select candidates to receive this option. Students not selected for a fellowship may still participate in the MILS program as self-funded students.

Deadline of application is on December 1, 2017.
For inquiries, please email Prof. Lito Amit at

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