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How to say "I Love You" in Korean

There are different ways of saying "I Love You" in Korean, it depends on the situation and the type of person that you are talking to.

But the basic way of saying "Mahal Kita" in the Korean language is "sarang-hae", written as 사랑해..

You can say it casually to your friends who are same age or younger than you, your brother and sister, or any person who are close to you.

There is also polite and casual or semi-formal way of saying it, just add "yo" at the end of the word... "sarang-hae-yo", written as 사랑해요.

And for the formal and polite way of saying the nakakakilig word is "sarang-hamnida", written as 사랑합니다. Usually used to people who are in higher status or your boss.

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