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Filipino Martial Arts Class in Seoul

Have you ever heard of heard of Filipino Martial Arts? Like Korea's Taekwondo, Philippines have its own grown fighting style. From the 18th of September to the 1st of October, there will be a seminar about Filipino Martial Arts in Korea with a Filipino Grandmaster flying in from Canada using the arts of Eskrima, Kali, Arnis, Kombatan, Silat (it’s the cool stick, knife and sword fighting you usually see in action movies and TV series like the ARROW).

The course of seminars will cover all the basics to intermediate levels of the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) based on Arnis, Silat, Eskrima, Kali, Kombatan and advanced basic self-defence, including unarmed combat, single & double stick movements, defences & play, knife movements, self-defence combat & play, along with some additional syllabus.

FMA, being a more informal Martial Arts style that has a strong community and family focus, makes the course and the art exceptionally fun and enjoyable for anyone to learn, including those who are not really into Martial Arts. FMA has a strong focus on real world practical application, making it a perfect form of self-defence. It’s fun, making it easier to learn for a beginner or novice martial artist.

However, FMA also caters for the more experienced martial artist or fitness junkies who prefer a more intense and aggressive workout. Pintados FMA is a perfect complimentary art to other forms of martial arts as it helps to increase speed, arm strength and most importantly hand-eye coordination while using both brain hemispheres equally.

We encourage locals and foreigners to try self defense, pinoy style! For more information about the instructors, visit their website at  To know more about the classes schedule, visit the facebook event page:

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