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Apply OFW ID for Free

Starting July 12, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) will launch the OFW ID card with its partner agencies such as SSS, DBP, PHILPOST, among others.

The envisioned "unique ID card for OFWs" will have several features, all geared toward improving the experience of OFWs when dealing with the government.The features are as follows:
  • Easier transactions with the government and private agencies
  • Access to OFWs' records with government agencies
  • Serves as a debit card for the OFW bank
  • Serves as a reloadable Beep card that can be used for MRT or LRT rides

OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) can avail of the ID cards for free. They just need to go to POEA’s website to fill out the necessary information.

How to Get OFW ID Card

  1. Go to the main office of DOLE or regional office near you. For directory of regional and field offices of Department of Labor and Employment, please visit this link:
  2. Prepare primary or secondary identification materials for further confirmation of identification legitimacy.
    IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended to be physically present when applying for your IDOLE Overseas Filipino Identification (iDOLE OFW ID) as the new ID is not yet available for online processing and verification procedures.
  3. Approach to the person in-charge in the regional office and ask for the processing.
  4. Present your Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) if necessary. This proves that it is the first time for you to apply for your IDOLE Overseas Filipino Identification (iDOLE OFW ID) and this also avoids redundancies in the whole process.
  5. Wait for the verification process wherein the officer will check for your name in the official roster of the official OFWs.
  6. If verification was successful, official processing of your new iDOLE OFW ID together with your unique OFW ID number will be initiated.
  7. Wait for the processing to be finished and you will be given your new IDOLE Overseas Filipino Identification (iDOLE OFW ID).

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