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Join ASEAN-ROK Multimedia Competition 2017

Jophel Ybiosa, a Filipino is the the first ever winner of ASEAN-Korea Multimedia Competition (2009)

In celebration of Korea-ASEAN cultural exchange year, Mission of the Republic of Korea to ASEAN is organizing 'ASEAN-Korea Multimedia Competition' for university students in both ASEAN Member States and Korea. The competition aims to arouse interests of young generations about ASEAN-Korea relations.

Participants are required to make a video of free topics related to Korean-ASEAN relations.

ASEAN Foundation has also approved on the advertisement of this project:

  • Theme: ASEAN-Korea Relationship and its importance. Must be made in English
  • Eligibility: Candidates must be University students from Korea or ASEAN Member States
  • Entry Type: Apply as individuals or teams
  • Regulations: (Screen Size) 16:9 / (Resolution) HD (1280x720 pixel) / (Length) under 3 minutes / (Video Size) under 300MB – ※ Must be converted into MP4
  • Entry Process: Please send 1) Video, 2) Application Form (please visit the website to download application form), and 3) Student’s Proof of Enrolment (from the University) to the following email address:
  • Evaluation Criteria: Adherence and understanding to the theme and creativity
  • Final Selection: September (Check our website for further announcement)
  • Prizes: Top three prize winners will be awarded with cash prize* and granted an opportunity to visit the Mission of the Republic of Korea to ASEAN and ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia** (Flight & Accommodation will be provided)

* Most Distinguished - $500 / Distinguished - $200 (Two participants respectively)
** If a team wins the prize, only one member of the team will be eligible for the visit to Jakarta.

DEADLINE: June 19th ~ August 12th, 2017

More information please visit:

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