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Garry Castro and the Landscapes of Seoul

Pinoy Seoul features interesting personalities around Korea. For our first personality, we've got a chance to talk with the very talented photographer, Mr. Garry Castro, he is the Vice President of FILIPOS or Filipino Photographers in South Korea.

He's here with us to share more about his passion and interesting chi-chat for

How did you started with photography?

I started with photography when a friend introduces it to me as a hobby and eventually it became a part of my career and a passion.

What was your life before moving to Seoul?

I am simply happy and determined , living one day at a time doing my job with careful thought, confidence and honesty for the sake of my family.

Fun tidbit: He took one of our first cover photo for!

What do you do here in South Korea?

I am working as a Factory worker. From Monday to Saturday and Sunday is my free day, the time i can recreate and do some activities like photography, mountain hiking and biking.

Any tricks and trade for aspiring photographers?

A picture paints a thousand words said an old saying, so my words for aspiring photographers is that, they should start capturing, not just photos, but more so, STORIES.

As you can see, he is not just capturing photos, he is telling stories.

Look at his photos of the landscapes of Seoul.

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