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Nancy and Momoland Korean Idol Group Goes to Manila?

All eyes are now focused on the hottest Korean Girl group, Momoland. The catchy melody of their hit single Bboom Bboom dancing along in a very cute choreography is currently going viral globally most especially in the Philippines.

Facebook, Instagram, or even on the busy streets of Manila, you name it, they are on it. You cant help but notice this pretty girl group dominating the internet. Everyone from all walks of life, loves to dance along to their song including famous Pinoy celebrities.

Nancy who is known to be one of the most popular member of the group is well-loved by Filipinos. Maybe because she has a resemblance of one of the Philippines famous actress, Liza Soberano. Liza was hailed by TC Candler as the 2017 number one Most Beautiful Face in the world. Both  Nancy and Liza are beautiful and you cant help but notice their similarities.

During one of Momoland’s Facebook live, Nancy gamely tried Liza’s poses which are really on-point. This moment delighted their fans where Nancy thanked their Filipino supporters, she said “ Thank you, everyone; thank you, Philippines. Thank you, guys, for your love and support. This is so cool to us and so new to us”.

As of this writing, Bboom Bboom is currently number one on i-tunes.
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Who would love to see Momoland performing live in Manila stage?

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