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Ilonggo Group In South Korea Association

Ilonggo Group in South Korea Association, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit corporation organized to promote camaraderie in all Ilonggos living in South Korea and to uphold the equality of rights.


1) To promote equitable access to and effective use of recorded knowledge of South Korean Labor Laws in support of livelihood, camaraderie, solidarity, and community service;

2) To articulate the concerns of Filipinos living in South Korea, especially the Ilonggos living and/or working in Incheon;

3) To develop best practices and standards for the improvement of the lives of the Ilonggos living and/or working in Incheon;

4) To develop a corps of skilled workers, expatriates, immigrants and an overall brotherhood of Filipino Ilonggos;

5) To cooperate with other organizations of similar aims.

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